Who am I?

It would be difficult to sum me up in only a few sentences.

After all, I had a blog for a few years before.

As a matter of fact, I was the most popular blogger in France in 2009 (according to research conducted among all of my friends. And me).

There, people knew me as a womanizer, a devilishly clever young man who was making his first steps as a teacher. Incidentally, I was also talking about my love life, my dates, the hot women and bimbos breathless around me… And of Robert, of course.

Robert was my roommate, some boring and pretentious hipster who would always play pranks on me…. Many readers tried to warn me, but I didn’t see it coming: 
After 2 years, we discovered the pranks, the insults, and the mocking was just a clumsy way to deal with our attraction.

But now a new chapter will be written.


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