France knows it under the name of Motus, Dutch know it as Lingo, and other countries may have known it as Lingo, too, but preferred to forget it. It is a game show that was created 25 years ago, in which contestants try to guess words.

Can you imagine the Netherlands and France are the 2 only countries which still broadcast this game show that only people in hospitals actually watch. In North America, where it was invented, and in most of the countries where it was adapted, it only lasted a couple of years.

We can think of many possible reasons for this French/Dutch success:

– France and the Netherlands have more people in hospitals than other countries

– France and the Netherlands like to pretend they are smart (The same way I pretend to like movies I don’t understand: Mullholand Drive, Inception or Matrix, for instance)

– Other programs broadcasted at the same time suck even more (re-runs of German series like Derrick maybe?)

– The TV sets in stores are all set on those channels and that triple the number of actual viewers


Anyway, the Netherlands are more clever than France for two reasons:

– The TV hostess is way hotter than French Thierry Beccaro (easy)

– Lingo will stop next month over here (I am hoping for a Dutch season of Secret Story)


Bonus if you like cumshots (don’t lie), watch this extract from Dutch Lingo, with English subs.

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