A typical day at work

When I think that a few years ago, I was teaching in high schools, and now, here is what I do in Holland…

9am: re-order the waterpipes by size and color, stock shelves with more ceramics of dildos (the red ones which read “I Am Sterdam”), but also the keychains (the red ones which read “I Am Sterdam”), the magnets of dildos (red and.. ok, you got it, by now), the ashtrays with weed leaves, etc…

10am-1pm: “me no parlo Italian”, “me no speak Russian”, “yes, authentic Amsterdam”, French people telling me how jealous they are “You live here, man, you can smoke pot all day long”.

1pm: Time for lunch

1:15pm: Lunch break over (seriously??? The first day, my boss was super mad at me, and I had to explain that in France, we always have a 1 hour break. I don’t think he believed me, but it is true)

1:15pm-5:15pm: same as in the morning, tourists who don’t speak English, French who are high, and talking to Mikhaela, the Russian girl who works there too.She looks like Zac Efron shaved. And that is very troubling.

(Contrarily to what Robert might have told you, I don’t have a fixation issue with Zac. If he went to disappear, just know he might be kept prisonner in my basement)

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